Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Sunny Sunday at Carsington

 Our luck seems to be holding throughout September as far as weekend weather goes.

Yesterday was another lovely, though maybe not as warm, Sunday for an afternoon walk - this time alongside Carsington Reservoir.

 Living just about as far from the sea as is possible, I love Carsington Reservoir - it may not be the 'real thing' but the sun glints back up off the water in the same way, the moored yachts clatter and the 'mew' of buzzards can sound almost like seagulls crying.

We started at the Sheepwash car park and headed for the visitor centre ...

...then walked out and round Stones Island (not really an island) to the modern standing stones, through which you can play 'i spy'.

I spy 'yachts'

Jacob sheep

It wasn't a long walk - maybe three miles at most - but my legs were aching by the end, so I think we need to take more of these weekend rambles (weather permitting)

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  1. I'm loving all the nice sunshine we have right now too and your walk looks really lovely, even with all the achey legs afterwards.