Thursday, 22 September 2016

Chatsworth again - gardens, not sculpture

A gloriously warm day tempted us back to Chatsworth - again! This is, of course, where living not so far away and having an annual pass helps (I'd never be able to afford to go so many times if I were paying admission each time)
Having seen most of the sculpture exhibition last weekend, this time we decided to walk round the quieter areas of the garden.

There was barely a breeze to ripple the pond, and,
the sun was so warm, it was pleasant to be under trees for some of the time.

Despite the sun, here and there it was obvious that Autumn is on the way.

As keen gardeners, we always like to check out plots belonging to other people, and Chatsworth's kitchen garden is full of both edible and attractive vegetables - from bright red chard to purple beans.

Is there anything prettier than a fountain on a sunny day?

I'm hoping this won't be our last trip before Christmas. Hopefully there'll be more sunny days as autumn progresses ...

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1 comment:

  1. Beautiful pics. We must get there...not been out and about as much this summer.