Monday, 8 February 2016

Keeping up my resolutions - new music; Thom Worth and Tim OT - The Leap Year Tour

 If you saw my post about New Year's resolutions, you might remember that under the banner of 'getting a life' I was going to go out more to music gigs and such. Well, 'more' isn't that difficult as, beyond the four organised by my teen last year, I haven't really been to any! Somehow they were never part of my teenage  'scene' and as an adult I've either not had the cash or the inclination, BUT my teen has changed all that. Although I don't want to slavishly follow her, I share a lot of my teen's musical tastes and really enjoyed the gigs she put on in Autumn, so since then I've been following those musicians on Twitter, Facebook, Band camp etc and also checking out others that they recommend. So when first one on Twitter, then another on Facebook, shared a link to this Leap Year Tour by Thom Worth and Tim OT, I clicked on the links, listened to their songs on Bandcamp and decided to risk it. To make this more of a 'worthy' evening out, these two guys are bringing their mix of folk/pop/punk to the length and breadth of the country this month and raising money for the charity Overcoming MS as they do.

Thom Worth
Further checking on the web informed me that their nearest performance would be at an open mic session in a pub. Now I haven't been to one of these before, but assumed it would be held in a separate room away from the general bar area - so I was surprised to find that night's musicians would be expected to play in a corner of the main room, in front of the dartboard (fortunately, no one wanted a game!)

 It took a while for the evening to get started (note to self; don't bother turning up on time in future), and when it did four local acts were on first, so when Thom Worth took to the floor it was getting on for 11, and about midnight by the time Tim OT finished his act!
Tim OT

I was glad we stuck it out though. Both guys were great, louder and more self-assured that the locals, and at last the noise from the bar was drowned by music! Afterwards, we went along and said hi to them, bought cds, and probably would have chatted for hours if it hadn't been so late (I know, not if you're young and used to clubs open till 3 in the morning, but I'm not!)
Would I go to see them again? Yes, definitely; I hope they'll be back to Nottingham soon. Their sound, though not the same, is not a million miles from the Frank Turner/Will Varley/maybe even Mumfords sort of folk/rock music. If you're fan of any of them go give Thom and Tim a listen - they're heading north now, so especially if you're anywhere near John O'Groats keep an eye out for them.

 I also snapped a pic of the poster of upcoming events at the same venue - some of the artists I've heard of, some are definitely new, but I'll aim to go back and hear them; meanwhile I'll be keeping track of recommendations through Twitter and see who else I'll 'discover'.

Meanwhile you can check out more about these artists here - Thom Worth - and here -   Tim OT

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