Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Keeping those resolutions - January

The first few weeks of New Year's resolutions are always the most enthusiastic, and, as I didn't make mine till mid-way through January, I'm still in that 'zone'.
I've mainly been working on the de-cluttering - sorting out old clothes that could go to a charity shop (though I haven't actually taken them yet), mending a pair of trousers that had waited for at least a month, and finding material out of the stash to make a peg bag with.

And, in a slightly different sort of clearing out, I decided it was time to attack the largest of our home-grown pumpkins. It's been sitting around, cluttering up the back 'porch' since autumn, mainly because it's so big; it will never get eaten quickly enough in lunches and dinners so I'll have to make chutney or preserve with the leftovers. It's about 10 inches across and the small slice taken out at this point was enough for lunchtime soup. For now it's in the fridge, occasionally having another slice chopped off for chilli or goulash, but it won't keep there for ever and soon I'll have to decide how to use the remainder up.

As for my other resolutions, well, they've met with a varied amount of success - I have spent less time on social media, and as a result not been tempted to enter so many competitions (so no more unwanted prizes); I'm taking my time over reading - two review books per week instead of four - and enjoying it more; I've taken to setting my alarm clock, but mainly managed to sleep through it.

 I've definitely been getting outside more - walking up to the library and spending time pottering about in the garden, pulling a few weeds, setting sweet-peas and taking time out to check on the daffodils burst into very early flower,                 

watching the sun set on clear evenings

and the moon rise.

The 'resolution' I've worked on least has to be 'get a life', although I do have plans for February....
Really though I'm not looking for quick fixes or a complete change of life-style occurring in one week but a more long-term change of habits, so I feel I've at least made a reasonable start.

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