Monday, 1 September 2014

Nordic Not-So-Noir

BBC4 are starting the autumn season of their Saturday night international crime spot with a new series from Sweden entitled Crimes of Passion. Now we've all come to love a bit of Nordic Noir but anyone expecting a dark, moody atmosphere and layers of woolly jumpers is going to be disappointed this time. Instead it's all sunshine and light, and swirling 1950s dresses.

A group of academics go to celebrate Midsummer on an idyllic but isolated island where their festivities are soon disrupted by two unexpected extra guests. Now, if the whole "No phone, no neighbours, total isolation" situation hadn't set the alarm bells ringing, the arrival of barely-welcome old friends is surely cause for concern - and, true to the course of crime stories, it isn't long before the first murder.... Although one of the guests, Einar, manages to cross to the Mainland and bring back his friend, superintendent Christer Wijk, to investigate, the only boat is soon out-of action, so everyone is trapped on the island with a murderer - such fun for Midsummer!

Yes, it may seem light after The Killing and Wallander but what's wrong with a bit of old-fashioned Miss Marple style crime? From the comments I've seen around the web not everyone has liked it, but I did and I'll be watching again next week!

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