Sunday, 18 August 2013

Scotland 2013 - #2 Kilmartin Cairns

If you manage to become bored by boats and the seaside, try visiting the small village of Kilmartin just a few miles inland.

 The glen is filled with reminders of the people who lived there 5-6,000 yrs ago - burial sites, standing stones and stone circles, all looked after by Historic Scotland.

It's possible to go inside a couple of the burial cairns, though it's rather claustrophobic.

Presumably this area was once busy and bustling as a lot of manpower would have been needed to build the cairns but today it's a quiet, peaceful place with butterflies and sheep for company.

While it's obvious what the burial cairns were used for, some remains are not so easy to interpret.

Just what happened in a stone circle?

and what's the meaning behind these ring-marked rocks on a nearby hillside?

Near the rocks I found an on-going custom, presumably a variant on hammering a coin into a tree trunk for good luck.

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