Saturday, 17 August 2013

Scotland 2013 - #1 - Crinan, canal by the sea

Loch Crinan - the canal runs through the trees on the left of pic

This year's Scottish trip fell into two halves - a couple of days on the West coast pottering round Crinan and Kilmartin followed by a visit to Edinburgh.
Here's the first day...

Crinan basin where the western end of the canal joins the sea

As you can see, the weather was wonderful, the water still as a millpond and I even got to go swimming!

modern yachts and old 'puffer'

The dry weather this year meant no midges to spoil the sunset!

...and after the sun had set we went to Knapdale forest in the hope of spotting beavers.
Several groups have been released in this area but we didn't see any.

A wonderfully eerie end to the day though with mist hanging over the water.


  1. What lovely watery pictures, of various types!

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