Friday, 31 May 2013

Our Favourite Bluebell Walk

It's bluebell time again so off we went for our traditional family bluebell walk - from Lea Bridge up the flower covered hillside, down to Cromford and back along the canal.

First glimpse of the bluebell fields
Even the path is flower-filled

So many bluebells!

...and more..

,,,and more...

through the woods nearing the top of the hill

The last steep climb

A flatter section at last

Downhill to Cromford - easy going from here

and if this isn't enough bluebells read last year's post or check out the daily walk through them

1 comment:

  1. Oh marvellous! I have almost missed the bluebells this year, because the weather's been so dire I haven't really wanted to go out (and I have been ill too). Isn't the Woodland Trust brilliant by the way? I always support them.