Sunday, 12 May 2013

New Year's DVD challenge - 4 months in

Remember the dvd challenge the Teen and I set ourselves? A sort-of 6 degrees of separation style thing -  basically, the dvd we just watched and the next one to be watched must have an actor in common. It's a very geeky way to chose what to watch, but whatever!
Last time I commented on it we'd watched 5 dvds. Well, we've now reached 36. The full list with linking actors is on the separate 2013 '6 Moves' DVD Challenge page.
We've only watched one dvd twice - Shakespeare In Love - and only used one actor - Hugh Grant - more than once as a link. Good going so far I think
Curiously we've found that it's often not the stars that make the connection to the next movie but the supporting cast - the guy playing the lead's best friend or the next-door neighbour. Least significant "linking" roles have to include Dylan Moran's brief appearance as a shoplifter in Notting Hill or maybe Paul Brooke playing a flower-shop owner in Alfie and publisher Mr Fitzherbert in Bridget Jones' Diary.
And the strangest move so far is Sliding Doors to The Secret Garden via John Lynch.

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