Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Sherlock or Watson?

I've been avidly watching the latest BBC series of Sherlock - and following the on-line chat that follows. What surprised me most was that alongside discussions of plot twists and Conan Doyle's original stories was a thread debating Sherlock's sex appeal. Now, I've enjoyed the series immensely but Sherlock as sex god? No thank you!
No doubt under the nerdy exterior he's very clever but he's selfish, opinionated, arrogant, rude.... the list of undesirable qualities could go on for ever! The most important person in his life will always be himself.

Sidekick John Watson on the other hand has the appeal of a cute cuddly dog - loyal, trusting. Equally caring and useful he's the sort of guy who would bring breakfast in bed, get up in the middle of the night to settle a crying child and know how to unblock a drain or fix the car. Sherlock's behaviour in a domestic crisis doesn't bear thinking about!
I know which one I'd pick.

The only snag is John's attachment to Sherlock - how can any woman, or man, come between him and the genius sleuth?


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