Monday, 23 January 2012

Missing Sherlock

He's only been gone a week - and wasn't with us for long - but I'm missing Sherlock already. I know a lot of people criticised the series as not true to the Arthur Conan Doyle originals but I loved it. Obviously it wasn't intended as a word-for-word remake just with a modern setting, but more as a homage using the classic text as a starting point to re-imagine the stories from - in much the same way that Clueless or Bride and Prejudice do for Jane Austen's novels.
Anyway, sigh, no more Sherlock for now, so what was I to watch on Sunday evening?

Well, the BBC thought Birdsong would make a suitable replacement.Er, sorry, they didn't manage to convince me. I haven't read the book by Sebastian Faulks but have heard lots of good things about it - I just hope it's better than the televised version. I watched about 15 minutes - in which the most interesting thing was women's fashion - and gave in to boredom, even the horrific blowing out of a soldier's chest felt unrealistic.

I turned over and continued my search for entertainment with 127 hours - for a mere minute or two, till the trapped climber started playing with his penknife and thinking of chopping his arm off - too realistic and believable! Not for me.

A lot of channel hopping later I found myself half an hour into Working Girl - Melanie Griffiths wanting to make it big - with hair to match - in corporate America. Tired old rom-com or feminist statement? I didn't care really but settled down to watch it - yet again!

I hope there's something better on next weekend.....

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