Thursday, 27 April 2017

Back to Lea Gardens

 Although it's near to home, I first visited Lea Gardens, near Matlock, Derbyshire, just  few weeks ago at the beginning of April. I'd decided before visiting to indulge in a season ticket, to be able to return and see the gardens as they changed throughout the next few months - and I'm so glad I did.

Last weekend we went back for a second visit, and I was amazed at how much difference those few weeks had made.

 The gardens specialise in rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias, with plants filling almost every inch of space.

The winding maze-like paths lead down the hillside and seemingly round every corner is a new riot of colour waiting to be seen, with flowers ranging in colour from white through pale pinks and lilacs to dark reds and bright yellows.

 I thought the garden had been lovely before, but this time it was just stunning - and some of the later-flowering plants are only in bud. I'll definitely be back again in another few weeks!

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