Friday, 19 August 2016

One of those days ...

I started out the day with a simple plan - to dig a hole and plant this verbena which I rescued from the allotment yesterday; there they grow like weeds, in the garden they only survive a year or so.

I picked a spot - a different area to where the other verbena is struggling to grow through montbretia and michaelmas daisies - but quite near to a lilac bush which is about twenty feet tall and needs pruning ... so I thought I'd do that first ... 

A couple of hours later, and the pruning wasn't complete but I did have a huge pile of branches blocking the patio, plus insect bites on my arms and a lump on my nose from hitting myself with the tree-loppers.

My quick and simple task was turning into a mammoth one, and it was lunch time (and a late one, too!) I decided at this point to leave any more tree-chopping for another day, and instead concentrate on getting the pruned wood into a combination of dustbin, compost heap and bags to transport it to the allotment.
Another couple of hours passed ...
It's quicker, and definitely more fun, chopping lanky branches from the tree,than it is getting them tidied up. Eventually though by late afternoon, the patio was clear, and, guess what?
I dug a hole, and planted that verbena.
All day for one little plant. 

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