Monday, 28 September 2015

Sotheby's Beyond Limits exhibtion at Chatsworth

 Early Autumn brings the return of the Sotheby's Beyond Limits sculpture exhibition to Chatsworth, with works of art placed around the gardens, so last week in glorious sunshine we went to have a look.

As always, some I liked , some I didn't; these are the ones that caught my eye.

Held by Desire (Square Root) by Marc Quinn -  a bonsai tree cast in bronze, and much larger than the original living tree.

It was realistic enough to fool this robin - at first I thought he was part of the sculpture, then he twitched and flew off!

 Pair of Walking Figures  - another bronze casting, this time from Lynn Chadwick. I've seen this piece before (or a very similar one) and love the way the movement of the figures is captured - though, with their coats billowing behind them, they do look a little as if they're walking into a howling gale!

 Manipulator by Reg Butler - a figure fiddling with some gadget or machine, but looking upwards, perhaps at the stars or into space

It's a bit difficult to catch the upturned face - standing on tip toe and arm-stretching required to get the shot

A huge leaf - Guerilla Gardner by Simon Periton. Just a little garish in colour for me; I'd have liked a more natural finish.

 Three pieces by Barbara Hepworth

Sea form (Atlantic)
the totem-pole like The Family of Man; figure 1, ancestor 1

and Three Obliques (Walk In ) which seemed just made for peering through

and Temple by Sandy Brown. A path of decorated stepping stones led through the arches and to the circular entrance - I just wish I could have followed it inside


  1. Oh my favourite is definitely Temple. I would like something like that in my garden, but I'd want it to be something you could really go inside and use. I think as a sculpture, I would prefer something a bit more figurative.

    1. It would make a brilliant summer house or a garden retreat!


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