Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Three Days in Pembrokeshire - blue skies, wildflowers and sunsets

 We've recently been back down to the far west of Wales, to the countryside and coast around St Davids. Our holiday home this time was this lovely part-thatched cottage in the tiny village of Tretio, from Under the Thatch.

Two of the three days were absolutely glorious - blue skies, blue sea, and sand that was almost too hot to walk on! We almost didn't want to leave the beach - but we did, to walk along flower-edged paths on the coastal path, up the small "mountain" overlooking Whitesands Bay, round the ruins of Abereiddi's quarries, and out again in the evenings to catch the sunset.

Abereiddi's Blue Lagoon

Whitesands - beach level

Whitesands - from above


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