Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Night and A Day in Conwy

 Over Easter we went away for a very brief break - just one night - to the North Wales coast near Conwy.

In the evening, we wandered round the town and found the illuminated castle rather ghostly looking.

 By daylight, it's rather more solid - and perhaps even more impressive.


Approach from the right side and Conwy looks like it's still a fortified town - with a little imagination time feels like it's stood still.

You can even pretend to enter by the draw-bridge - although this one wasn't constructed till the early 19th century

You can walk all round town on the old walls

On one side they look out to Snowdonia's mountains

On the other, out to the river, quayside and a rather more modern harbour

or across the rooftops to the castle

Inside the walls,the streets still follow the Medieval pattern though full of tourists rather than invaders these days.

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