Friday, 14 February 2014

Books for your Valentine...or maybe not....

I've seen people suggesting that for Valentine's Day, you buy something a little different - such as a book.
  Now, there are plenty of happy-ever-after romantic novels you might choose to pick up - I'd suggest Jane Austen's Persuasion, Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain or Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveller's Wife  - but how about something for us old cynics who no longer care for gushing sentimentality?
Here's three of the best 'getting your own back' novels from the last few months;

Top slot has to go to Natalie Young's Season To Taste - a dark, almost pitch black, comedy about 50-something, Volvo-driving housewife Lizzie Prain who takes a spade one day and murders her husband! As if that weren't enough, she then proceeds to dispose of the evidence by eating him... Not for the faint of heart or stomach
A less hand-on approach to revenge is preferred by Jodi, The Silent Wife. Left high and dry, and financially unstable when her partner leaves her for a much younger woman, Jodi turns to somewhat 'professional' help to solve her problems.

and then there's the really extreme way to get your own back.
Amy Elliott Dunne goes missing on her 5th wedding anniversary. Has she been abducted, murdered or just left of her own free will? Whichever, she's disappeared without trace. A Gone Girl. Her husband is the police's prime suspect but swears, of course, that he's innocent. So how can he explain his wife's disappearance? How evil, manipulative and twisted could she be?.....

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