Saturday, 27 July 2013

A Long Weekend by the Sea


With all the glorious weather around at the moment we couldn't resist running away to the seaside for a long weekend. So we headed for the Mid-Wales coast, an area we normally whiz past on our way to Pembrokeshire.
Starting in Aberystwyth we pottered around the area discovering more than enough beaches for a long weekend.

                       Newquay/Cei Newydd with quaint "fishing village" streets and two beaches

Further south to Llangranog - seen here from high above on the coastal path

A brief respite from the sea in the old walled garden at Llanerchaeron. This is being restored by National Trust volunteers and is full of flowers, vegetables and fruit trees - a place I could happily spend hours.

Back to the coast at Aberporth. Dolphins can be seen all along this coast but this was the only one we spotted this weekend.
Late afternoon at Aberporth

and to the small village of Tresaith to catch the sunset

...and for our last morning, a visit to Aberaeron with its pretty pastel painted houses and still harbour.


  1. Lovely pictures, so summery. And as for the National Trust, I sometimes think the initials NT should stand for National Treasure.

  2. Lovely pics. From childhood holidays I don't really associate Wales with sunshine but this looked like a great weekend

    1. I must have had plenty of wet holidays in Wales (particularly at Autumn half-term) but the joy of a last minute decision is getting the weather just right :)