Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Watery Derbyshire

We haven't had such heavy rain as some areas of the country but this was the river Derwent spreading itself over the fields just outside Derby on Sunday.

Water was also high at Rowsley - this is a mill lade, not a river!

but the ducks still seemed happy

and the sheep had found some dry ground at least


  1. the ducks should be particularly happy. Saw lots of sheep standing in mud round Bristol. Hope it's not all going to lead to another outburst of foot rot.

  2. Alarming. Went to see someone's boat on Sunday and it was impossible to reach the boat - the moorings were under water. I always get unsettled by floods...

  3. We've now heard that a friend's riding school is completely underwater. Fortunately there was time to move the horses out to somewhere higher but stables and house are flooded.