Thursday, 14 June 2012

The World in Black and White

Last week was half-term and we headed off for Cheshire - the land of black and white houses! First we stopped off at Little Moreton Hall which is a crazy patchwork of patterns.

The designer/architect seems to have gone mad with a wing added on here and an extra window bay jutting out there.

I could just stand and gawp at this all day! It's like some film set designer's idea of Merry Olde Englande rather than an actual family home.

From there we headed to what must be the capital of black and white buildings - Chester!

The main streets are lined with timber-framed shops, even if inside there's nothing more exciting than an average high street clothing store.

There are even covered walkways at first floor level with shops behind them - an excellent idea as it soon started to rain.

The rather famous clock over the Eastgate


  1. I love Little Moreton Hall. I thought that many of the houses in Chester, though, are 1920s facades when there was a fad for Tudor. But I might have got that wrong! :)

    1. You could easily be right. Certainly many of them look restored to the point where the original doesn't exist. I've seen Victorian paintings though that show Eastgate with half-timbered buildings but in drabber beiges and browns.