Monday, 16 April 2012

Kite Watching in Wales

The Forestry Commission picnic area at Bwlch Nant yr Arian near Aberystwyth is one of our favourite stopping-off points on trips to Wales. From the back of the car park, you can look down Cwm Melindwr towards Aberystwyth and on a clear day catch a distant glimpse of the sea.

Go the other way and walk round the small lake....

...and maybe catch the red kites coming in for their daily feeding session

This was the first time we'd managed to time our stop-over just right to catch them at dinner.

Fifty, maybe sixty, kites flew in, their numbers increasing as feeding time approached.

Having at last seen this amazing sight, we'll make sure that in future we pass by at the right time of day!


  1. Fab looking place. And you have got some stunning pictures of kites. Whenever I try to photograph birds all I get is a load of weird shapes as they have flapped their wings into the wrong position or put on a sudden turn of speed and become all blurred...

    1. It's the blessing of digital photography. I can take FAR too many and happily delete most. I'm only using a little compact camera and never took anything as good on my old expensive 35mm SLR!


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