Saturday, 31 March 2012

Poor Tadpoles

The weekend before last was wet and on Monday morning the pond in the wood was FULL of frogspawn, the slippery slimy stuff glinting in the sunshine.

Unfortunately for this year's tadpoles, that sunny morning marked the start of a fortnight of hot unseasonal sun.

After a few days, the pond showed signs of drying out...

now it's completely dry - the dog can walk across ad barely get his feet muddy.

I hope somehow the frogspawn can survive and tadpoles hatch in damper weather, but I don't think it likely.


  1. Yet another casualty of this weird weather. I fear the magnolias, now beautifllly blossoming, will be a casualty if the promised snow and freezing temperatures materialise.

    1. Predicted night-time temperatures here have risen from 0 to 2, so I'm hoping my apple and pear blossom will be safe. Not the latest-in-the-year frost though, as the laburnum once lost all its flowers to it, which must have been late May.