Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sculpture at Chatsworth

Sotheby's Sculpture Exhibition is back at Chatsworth
and, despite threatening rain, we went for a look last weekend.

Damien Hurst is represented again - with two sculptures, Myth and Legend. Very beautiful from one side with wonderful detailing on Legend's wings - but see them from the other side and muscles and tendons are revealed. While not as disturbing as some of Hurst's work, they're still not my kind of art.

This is better

Visitor 2
by David Breuer-Weil

a pair
of ENORMOUS feet sticking out of the ground

maybe something that escaped from
The Little Shop of Horrors?
Flowers that Bloom Tomorrow
by Yayoi Kusama

or something a little more traditional -
by Eric Goulder

but these were my favourites

Taichi Arch

Taichi Single Figure
by Ju Ming

We didn't get to see everything as the rain DID arrive
but with luck we'll have chance to go back before the exhibition closes next month.

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