Saturday, 21 January 2017

Pottering and mindfulness

Today the sun appeared for the first time after a week or more of damp, dreary, dismal drizzle, so I decided it was time for a little pottering about in the garden and 'me' time. 

I had some practical things to do, moving plants around in the greenhouse to keep them clear of icy glass, checking the bird feeders, and planting some iris bulbs bought earlier this week
but then I took time out today to really look at things that on a 'normal' day I'd give little or no attention to.

At this time of year, the only obviously flowering thing is the winter jasmine 

but, almost hidden by leaves and twigs, the polyanthus are starting to flower, and daffodils and snowdrops pushing through.

forsythia - sticks for now, flowers soon

I also spotted some less obvious signs of Spring-on-the-way; rhubarb starting to grow (though sadly pecked at by birds), new leaves on the flowering currants and a couple of forsythia flowers (which reminded me that it's time to bring some branches inside for forcing)

Wandering round the garden like this, taking note of the subtle changes, is something I used to do every day, generally first thing after taking my daughter to school and before starting anything else, but since the school run came to an end (nearly ten years ago!) I've dropped the habit. Now's the time, I think, to bring it back. It fits in with a couple of my New Year resolutions - spending more time in the garden, and gaining a few moments of 'me time'. It may not really qualify as 'mindfulness' but to take time out and just LOOK was so relaxing, especially on a sunny day, and cleared a lot of the thoughts that seem to constantly buzz round my head. I was almost tempted to try sitting outside for lunch, but it wasn't sunny enough for that ... it 
soon will be though!

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