Thursday, 23 June 2016


The longest day started wet and unpleasant, short bursts of sun disrupted by heavy rain, but by midafternoon the sky had cleared leaving high clouds and a change to catch the solstice full 'strawberry' moon.

Appropriately, the first strawberries have ripened this week, and from the allotment we have lettuce and peas. Apples are starting to swell on the trees and grapes in the greenhouse.

The flower beds have moved on from their Ikea blue and yellow (forget-me-nots and welsh poppies) of a fortnight ago to the pink and purples of foxgloves, flowering sage, lavender, hardy geraniums and even some pink-tinged love-in-a-mist, against the backdrop of the creamy-white climbing roses.

...and now while the weather stays dry and bright, for a couple of days at least, it's time to get out, pick elderflowers and make wine

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