Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Homeland Series 3 - why?

I sat enthralled all the way through Series 1 of Homeland - the story of a US marine, captured by Arab terrorists and held by them for 8 years. Eventually he's released but has he been 'turned' by his captors? is he maybe suffering from Stockholm syndrome and identifying with them? Whichever, I was absolutely glued to the TV as his story unfolded - but then, after building to a big dramatic ending, a second series was scheduled and the first fizzled out like a damp firework.
We're now 3 episodes in to that second series - and I hear that there's going to be a third!
This should be a good thing, right?
Sorry but I don't think so. This series already seems to be ambling, diverting up by-ways and generally chasing its tail instead of moving forwards. OK, two of the episodes have ended with dramatic revelations but it's starting to feel a bit like nothing much happens then there's a build up just before the credits, much the way there is in a soap!
The thought of things being unresolved at the end of this series and dragged out into yet another makes me think I'll just give up now. It's such a shame as it's the one thing I watch regularly on TV. Still, The Killing III will be on soon and thankfully the Danes seem to know how to make a wonderful TV series AND how to make sequels to it.

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  1. This is just the way American television works. No successful US series ends after two seasons. Also, while the beginning of season two has had shaky moments it's still be pretty good, and episodes two and four are two of the best episodes of the series.