Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tudor Christmas at Haddon Hall

We paid another visit to Haddon Hall this weekend - this time for a Tudor themed Christmas. The house was decorated with evergreens and clove-studded oranges and the Tudor Group were there with dancing, singing and food.

Banners in the Great Hall

The Chapel

Food preparation in the Tudor Kitchens
Real mince for the mince pies!

Tudor feast on display in the Dining Room

A proper roast!


a jam tart looking like a stained-glass window....

...and a wonderful centre-piece, modelled from marchpane (a coarse marzipan) and decorated with edible gold leaf.

Cosying up by the fire in the Long Gallery

Entertainment from the Tudor Group in appropriate costume - dancing and singing from the period including a rousing ballad about fighting - and beating- the Spaniards!

Just as we left, the sun came out and lit the castle walls briefly in the midst of an otherwise dull day.

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