Tuesday, 14 June 2011

St Davids

Over the half-term holidays, we headed to far West Wales - to St Davids, Britain's smallest city, feeling barely much more than a large village, with a village square, colour washed houses and, tucked in the valley below, the cathedral and ruined Bishop's Palace.

We've been visiting for more than 20 yrs - climbing the tortuous stairs in the Bishop's Palace ruins with the beautiful restored Rose Window

taking in the scenery on the coastal path

building sandcastles and paddling
just haven't got round to the local sport of coasteering - scrambling round rocks at the sea's edge or plunge diving into the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddi



  1. the coastal path is just beautiful,, could you please tell me,, what is everyone looking at in the lagoon photo,, also are there standing stones over on the other side,, this is just such a magical place,, could I please take one of the photos,, I would like to paint that shore and waves,, if not thats just fine,, I'll not take it unless you approve,, lovely photos,, this is truly a wondrous place,,

  2. Sure - Fine for you to paint the photo - you'd probably see very similar on Tourist Board sites. As for lagoon - it's a disused slate quarry, deliberately blasted open to the sea and flooded. A place with unusual marine life BUT what everyone is watching is people jumping in from the old quarry buildings on the far side - part of the coasteering thing. The sides are sheer at that point so comparatively safe to jump in. Googling Abereiddi might find more information on the old quarries etc