Monday, 28 March 2011

Fauna Exhibition, Gallery Top

Chatsworth again last Sunday. Gardens are now open and full of daffodils and budding rhododendrons but our main reason for heading that direction was to visit the 'Fauna' exhibition at Gallery Top, Rowsley, specifically to see paintings by Catherine Hyde. I've seen the gallery many, many times, waiting in the traffic jam leading to the A6 junction but never been inside. I was pleasantly surprised at first as the exhibition space is much larger than you would expect from the exterior but as I started to look around, I realised it wasn't well laid out.
The 4 paintings we wanted to see weren't hung together and one was almost behind a wrought iron spiral staircase! I particularly liked this one but couldn't really see it as it was necessary to either stand too close or peer through the stair treads.
There was a large jewellery selection and lots of ceramics as well - hares, a woman-hugging polar bear and some owls I rather liked. The Teen had her own preferences, of course.
Didn't buy anything but it was nice to get to see some of Catherine Hyde's work again - possibly our only chance for a while unless I can persuade Hubby to take me to Art in Action in July.

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